Counsel For Both Public And Private Angles Of Government Law

Governing bodies maintain a delicate balance of responsibilities and obligations. At any level of government, officials must use the information they have to make the right decisions for their constituents. In some cases, the interests of businesses, residents and public entities may collide.

At The Law Office of Frank Hammond LLC, we understand the complex nature of government law and public affairs. We provide counsel to state and local governments as well as private parties who manage interactions with public officials.

Highly Experienced In Administrative Law

Having previously served as counsel for Jackson County, attorney Frank Hammond has extensive experience representing municipalities, counties, state officials, city councils and other local governments in Oregon. Officials and policymakers have trusted our insight across the spectrum of government law matters.

In addition to general counsel, our government law services include guidance for:

  • Retention of public records
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests
  • Public meetings
  • Public finance
  • Home rule charters for local governments
  • Land exactions, takings and eminent domain
  • Environmental regulations
  • Contracts and transactions between governing bodies and private parties
  • Utility ratemaking and public systems development
  • Franchising for waste, cable and other utilities

Regulatory compliance and transparency are two fundamental aspects of our work in advising public entities. We frequently assist our clients with issues regarding safety, city planning and land use.

Navigating Relations With Local Governments

Individuals, private companies and commercial developers have relied on our deep knowledge of government law. Coordination and dispute resolution with a public entity can be rife with legal challenges. We approach these challenges with strong attention to detail and creative problem-solving skills.

Gain Professional Legal Support

Issues regarding contracts, development projects, public works and other legal matters require meticulous counsel. Our unique background allows us to position our public and private clients for success. Call The Law Office of Frank Hammond LLC at 503-837-3471 or email us for a consultation in the Portland area.