What This Blog Is About: An Introduction

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My name is Frank Hammond. I have been practicing law for almost 34 years, having graduated with honors from Cornell Law School. I am an active member of the Oregon State Bar. I am also member of the bars of the District of Oregon, the 9th Circuit, and the Supreme Court of the United States. I currently have my own firm to practice Oregon law, Law Office of Frank Hammond LLC, and I can be reached for that firm at [email protected]

I was an associate for two big firms, a non-equity partner with a small firm, and an equity partner with a boutique law firm. I worked as an Oregon Supreme Court staff attorney, and a general counsel for a large southwest Oregon county. I have been a Senior Assistant Attorney General in the elite litigation unit for the state.

Through this all I have come to realize that many clients do not know much about the politics and evolution of the law. Nor do they know how lawyers work and charge. I’ve also learned that beginning attorneys have little to no knowledge about what they are getting themselves into. I want to use my experience to offer guidance, on what the law is and what attorneys do, how to deal with it and them.

My view is not pessimistic. Lawyers are a necessary part of the system. But knowing the tricks of the trade—and having a foundation in law—will help clients and beginning lawyers achieve the best results they can from those sometimes mysterious professionals known as lawyers.

About Foundation In Law

Foundation In Law

Over a long career as a practicing attorney, Frank Hammond came to realize many prospective legal clients do not know much about lawyering and lawyers – how they work, how fees are set, and how to deal with them. Beginning attorneys also often have little notion of what actual practice involves. This blog is meant to be a guide for both.

Disclaimer: The Foundation in Law blog is not intended to provide legal advice, and no attorney-client relationship will arise as a result of interacting with this blog. You are advised to consult with your own attorney regarding legal questions. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author alone. The author is licensed only to practice in the State of Oregon.